Green Turtle
Green Turtle hatched and entering the Indian Ocean
Track Marks
Early morning walk – flipper mark of female Green turtle having laid her eggs the previous night…turtle leaves the nest

Madete Turtle Beach:

For many years, A Tent With A View has supported the green turtle project at Madete, although it was not always easy to monitor. In recent years, with considerable assistance from Catharine Joynson-Hicks and her ngo Seasense, the project has improved dramatically and the keen young co-ordinator Hamisi is now doing an excellent job. In 2009, a record number of nests were found and we have had many opportunities to see young turtles hatching from the sand, particularly in July, August and September.

In March 2011 we were delighted and extremely fortunate to witness turtles hatching from eggs laid within our actual lodge grounds, much to the excitement of our guests staying with us at that time.